Saturday, May 16, 2009

i am a month old today


I copied this idea from one of the blogs, my dad reads. I plan to write what I do and what not, like a timeline, every month for first couple of years...
So here I am today turned a month old. My routine is not much different than my first day in this world, but yes some things have certainly changed.
Let’s start with the daily routine.
I generally sleep in the day, when everybody is awake. I wake up first at 6-6.30am, get the first feed and then off to sleep for 2 hrs, then depending upon how hungry I am I wake up by 8-8.30a I again take some feed and a bit of lap time and back to sleep. This time I sleep for little extra time, say 3 hrs, in the mean time I get my massage and spa treatment. I generally enjoy my massage more than spa. If the massage is delayed for a bit and I am awake empty stomach, then see my tantrums. I am totally out of control. And till my stomach is filled back, I keep on crying(crocodile tears). So after my massage and spa and milk, I sleep the best. When I sleep, other people do their work and that too quietly. I forgot to mention, milk works as a laxative to me. The moment I drink, I have to poop. Then after the break, I will continue to have the rest of the milk. So I wake up every 3 hours take a feed, poop and sleep. I am generally in a good mood if my stomach is full and I will play with you.
My favorite pass time these days is holding and pulling my hair and since I don't know what is causing pain, I will keep on screaming, and holding the hair at the same time. I do this with my ears as well.
I am also expert in winning smiles. I was at the passport office and the lady officer left her work and came by me and spent 15 minutes with mommy and granny. And I was smiling back to her. The moment I was out and in my car seat I started crying. Ain't I smart ;-)
These days I am excited as well as sad. My one granny is going and another granny is coming.

I am adding few pics of mine here.

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  1. awww poor baby dont pull ur hair baby pull dada's :)

    adorable snaps