Monday, July 27, 2009

Third Month

Yea I know its been 2 weeks over and it was not even in my drafts. I was just being lazy.

Well, major updates for this month are, I want to add few pics for every note, here:


  • Trying to roll over, not yet, partially there. (ok dad, helped in this)IMG_3899
  • Want to hold everything in my tiny hands. Yes and granny also made me hold my milk bottle.




  • Whatever I hold, has to go in my mouth. Whatever it is, my fingers, my thumb, my bib, dad’s hairy hand and his hair as well, mom’s smooth hand.


  • I take milk in installments, as its said, eat less and eat more number of times, helps you in good digestion and staying slim and trim.


  • As soon as I finish my milk i rebel prominently, previously I used to just push it out of my mouth with the tongue.


  • As I am growing, I have started throwing more tantrums. Just wanted to warn mom and dad, I am not as easy, as it looked in first three months.
  • I am more and lot excited in the nights. (Youtube links)
  • I want to sit more often these days and lately I want to stand too. And I know its not good for my young legs, just wanted to let you know, I know before hand all the stuff, you want me to do later.IMG_3921


 IMG_3925 I ain’t no scared in this pic, Mom, just clicked at the wrong moment.

  • I enjoy watermelons ( i don’t eat, but still i like them) and enjoy summer equally.IMG_3931

Some random pics…


IMG_3587 - no its not salsa, that's the result when I lick my fingers and thumbs.

IMG_3604 trying to have some weird art with feet.



IMG_3620  Dad’s biggest relief, and moms greatest achievement. I sleep, in the crib, some times by my self, watching crib mobile.

IMG_3625  I like summers.

IMG_3629 With bhaiya, who only likes to talk cricket, and thinks that I am some off spinner, and will hit six on his ball someday.

IMG_3634 Didi, who will help me in shopping someday…

IMG_3763 with sunil fufaji, my biggest fan.


IMG_3881 Enjoying summer.

IMG_3940 in the balcony.


IMG_4055 having fun with with Ramit Tau.

5853_105558626483_802471483_2053174_5172915_n and the last one. with mumma and dadda…

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mid summer night dreams…

No no, its not about the dreams. Its about the summers. This summer is not kind enough, and I want to enjoy as much as I can. So I went to Cape Ann, Rockport, MA for my day outing.

Here are the pics…