Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am 6 months this month


Yay…so i have crossed the 6 month mark on 15th. I have now very less chances of getting SIDS (officially).

Anyway, activities so far-

  • I do furr and lots of furrrrrrrr
  • I make faces, while laughing and crying.
  • I do lot of nautanki(drama) while having cereal or milk.
  • I have already fallen from the bed couple of times.
  • I love to bath, and try to catch running water.
  • I crawl like a caterpillar, roll like peapod.
  • I like to eat what you are eating and sometime i have ice-cream, curd, juices and soda.
  • I recently also chew dad’s iPod Touch and then he ended up replacing it, thank god it was under warranty.
  • I can sit now, without any help for minutes.
  • I play with any toy, by banging my hand on to it, actually this is my favorite action, while drinking milk or while sitting, but what do i do, dad and mom always bring such toys, where they make noise when i bang them.
  • I can transfer the toys from one hand to another.
  • I also clap with hands, when in mood, and not for others.
  • I love to pose for dadda’s camera.
  • Putting feet in my mouth is an indication that give me some toy, or soon I will eat 1 finger from my feet.
  • I am constantly on the lookout of what’s hanging and from above while I crawl, and try to pull, yesterday, i pulled dadda’s camera, I just wanted to chew the strap, and dad thought i want his d-slr.

Here are some pictures to go with this post. And yes please be on the lookout for my next post, you will be happy to know, what i did to myself :)

Pictures are ordered by date, where we left last time.

That’s my swing


That’s my roller, and i am supposed to crawl with it, instead i am eating it, better yet. :)


Standing by my swing.


One of the many close-ups.


Trying to sit by myself.


Following is a series of pics, where how i fell from my bouncer by myself.

 IMG_4656 IMG_4658IMG_4660 IMG_4664

Some of all the times, i sleep like this,this is my favorite style.


Do you notice my pony tail?


Cereal Time


Pictures from fall trip.

With Mamma


It was chilly out there.


Diwali Party, however I missed being with Bua and Bai and bhai and didi, I enjoyed.





And Party again, i am ladybug here :)


With mumma


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