Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got my ears pierced today

  Yes, Mom and dad were brave enough to get my ears pierced. I was so happy after that.

Okay so the story is like this.

Mom(m) asked Dad(s), hey it Claire’ across, shall we get her ears pierced, S said, lets ask bua first, Bua said it should be in the center, so that I don't end up doing multiple piercing. Thanks bua for the advice. Mom was still not happy, as it would hurt me, but she don't know that i am dadda’s daughter too. I do not get hurt by these small things.

But i must say, that this guy at Claire’ was pretty experienced, he cleaned my ears, ear lobes with some antiseptic liquid, and then also cleaned the gun, before using it. Then he put the mark on my ears in consultation with mom and then the game started, mom lured me from outside and dad from inside, i was in dad’s arms all the time. It was only dad, in whose arms i feel comfortable. I was talking with dadda and bam…one ear gone…these guys dint even care to tell me. As i was crying and mostly because of empty stomach, I just had few sips and bam, another gone. These guys are after my life…i tell you..but i have prettier then ever…(blushing).

After the piercing , i had whole bottle of milk in one go and also slept quickly…so yes…i have pierced ears.

Some pics…which may not be clear but yet…noticeable…

Just after piercing.



Just after bath, and ready to do furrrrrrrrrrrr …lol





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