Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

catching up

Hello, it's been long since I wrote on this post...
I have been busy playing full time in the day care, touring another part of the world and trying to read, speak and scribble....yes already...i know....but this is fast world and i have to catch up...
So yeah...even I don’t remember what happened in last few months, but yes my India trip is worth mentioning....

So for the records 34 inches tall approximately a month ago and weighed 24 pounds... Yes I did lose some weight and now I am almost back to normal.
So in this post I am going to add some points and show them with the pics...
Pre India Trip:
I started going to the day care.

  • I started running
  • I barely crawl now.
  • I can run up to the stair case without hand holding.
  • I can even run down.
  • I have started eating roti and rice.
  • I have lots of teeth now.
  • I love dancing on dhinchak dhinchak, yes, you got it,  I like dhinchak songs.
  • I know how to make out things and if I need one, I can get that by actions.
  • One afternoon, I threw my Lego block out the balcony, then I ran out to papa, and showed him by the way of actions, when he came to the balcomy, I showed, what went down, then we both went down to get the blocks.
  • I still love to play with the balls of all sizes.
  • and I absolutely adore balloons.

I am attaching some pics for you to have an approximate idea how naughty I am these days.

022 after Dora style haircut…

029 soon after haircut…

032 getting ready for india trip



















Friday, April 23, 2010

trial day

today I went to the day care as a trial day.

It was a home day care to the nearby house and they had a dog too…Ceaser.

I enjoyed there a lot…but listen to this…as soon as Mom and dad stepped out, they started crying and I was there having fun with the day care’s toys and another mate.

Here are few pics of the day care masti time…












Friday, April 16, 2010

The year gone by

First Birthday


I am one today.

Cant believe it, how this last year has gone by.

Lets first start by update on my last three months.

  • I can run
  • I can walk
  • I can talk
  • I can speak(blabber)
  • I can convey my feelings.
  • I can cry(very loudly).
  • I can not stand people screaming in front of me.
  • I can sleep by myself.
  • I can sleep alone in crib.
  • I can climb up the sofa
  • I can climb up the stairs.
  • I can climb down sofa
  • I am still trying to climb down stairs.
  • I simply adore laptop.
  • I love ipod touch
  • I love dad’s cell phone.
  • and I miss mom’s cell phone
  • I can chew on anything which is rubber.
  • I got a haircut.
  • I am tall with 32 inches.
  • I am maintaining on my weight.
  • I do not eat finger food
  • I do not want to eat sweet.
  • I am on my mom’s side, I loooooooooooove curd with salt and masala in it.
  • I am having khichdi, fruit pulp and daliya now.

With this post I will add just few pics for the last 3 months.

IMG_5291 on the kitchen window

IMG_5308 in the laundry basket

IMG_5321 in the kithen

IMG_5333 can i have dinner with you?

IMG_5338 aur mera wala green??

IMG_5391 smile please!!!

IMG_5417 dish washer

IMG_5425 step-in

IMG_5430 climbing

IMG_5433 success alas

IMG_5439 some early morning, before the shower…

IMG_5442 tennis dress

IMG_5479 what…did you say something??

IMG_5484 with Bua’s stamp…

IMG_5512 on the front seat…

IMG_5515 i am a bee, ready to take off…

IMG_5533 resting after a busy flight

IMG_5551 enjoying summer in winters

IMG_5580 just after symbolic mundan

IMG_5584 with mamma’s wishes..

IMG_5590 and Bua’s wishes too…

IMG_5596 just after the hair cut…

DSC_0069 just after super windy and chilly newbury street in Boston

IMG_5717 Amateur photographer, starting with the basics…