Tuesday, February 23, 2010

first b'day prep

Yay, so I am about to turn one and the preparations are on.
Today mom and dad, went to look out the party hall. It was a YMCA hall. the location of the office is @ 45 East st, but the party hall is at this location (42.228104,-71.46953). Yeah cant believe, its not yet marked. But thankfully its on Map :D

Well, The party is just next week and dad and mom haven't got a chance to work in this yet. Probably they will be wrapped up by this weekend.

SO by now, most of you know that the theme is the Rainbow. And everything should be in rainbow colors or at least look like rainbow. So last weekend, dad made some rainbow mobile, much like you have a flag on a steamer, like this .
And mommy made some posters. They are very pretty. If mom would have used her imagination in school, she would have been a great artist instead of sitting in front of a dumb computer these days.

Anyway, so yeah, the hall, food, decoration and the party people. All are ready.
Everybody is suggested to be there in solid rainbow color only.

Cant wait to see all of you on 24th April @ the Geo location mentioned above.

In continuation of the preparation of the birthday party, here are some of the pics.


IMG_5727 Preparation of gifts.

 IMG_5725The Return Gifts.

 IMG_5729Rainbow Mobile.

 IMG_5730preparing another type of rainbow mobile.



IMG_5733 completed posters…


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  1. Post some pics of the ground work done my M and S.. especially d posters :D