Friday, April 16, 2010

First Birthday


I am one today.

Cant believe it, how this last year has gone by.

Lets first start by update on my last three months.

  • I can run
  • I can walk
  • I can talk
  • I can speak(blabber)
  • I can convey my feelings.
  • I can cry(very loudly).
  • I can not stand people screaming in front of me.
  • I can sleep by myself.
  • I can sleep alone in crib.
  • I can climb up the sofa
  • I can climb up the stairs.
  • I can climb down sofa
  • I am still trying to climb down stairs.
  • I simply adore laptop.
  • I love ipod touch
  • I love dad’s cell phone.
  • and I miss mom’s cell phone
  • I can chew on anything which is rubber.
  • I got a haircut.
  • I am tall with 32 inches.
  • I am maintaining on my weight.
  • I do not eat finger food
  • I do not want to eat sweet.
  • I am on my mom’s side, I loooooooooooove curd with salt and masala in it.
  • I am having khichdi, fruit pulp and daliya now.

With this post I will add just few pics for the last 3 months.

IMG_5291 on the kitchen window

IMG_5308 in the laundry basket

IMG_5321 in the kithen

IMG_5333 can i have dinner with you?

IMG_5338 aur mera wala green??

IMG_5391 smile please!!!

IMG_5417 dish washer

IMG_5425 step-in

IMG_5430 climbing

IMG_5433 success alas

IMG_5439 some early morning, before the shower…

IMG_5442 tennis dress

IMG_5479 what…did you say something??

IMG_5484 with Bua’s stamp…

IMG_5512 on the front seat…

IMG_5515 i am a bee, ready to take off…

IMG_5533 resting after a busy flight

IMG_5551 enjoying summer in winters

IMG_5580 just after symbolic mundan

IMG_5584 with mamma’s wishes..

IMG_5590 and Bua’s wishes too…

IMG_5596 just after the hair cut…

DSC_0069 just after super windy and chilly newbury street in Boston

IMG_5717 Amateur photographer, starting with the basics…