Monday, August 9, 2010

catching up

Hello, it's been long since I wrote on this post...
I have been busy playing full time in the day care, touring another part of the world and trying to read, speak and scribble....yes already...i know....but this is fast world and i have to catch up...
So yeah...even I don’t remember what happened in last few months, but yes my India trip is worth mentioning....

So for the records 34 inches tall approximately a month ago and weighed 24 pounds... Yes I did lose some weight and now I am almost back to normal.
So in this post I am going to add some points and show them with the pics...
Pre India Trip:
I started going to the day care.

  • I started running
  • I barely crawl now.
  • I can run up to the stair case without hand holding.
  • I can even run down.
  • I have started eating roti and rice.
  • I have lots of teeth now.
  • I love dancing on dhinchak dhinchak, yes, you got it,  I like dhinchak songs.
  • I know how to make out things and if I need one, I can get that by actions.
  • One afternoon, I threw my Lego block out the balcony, then I ran out to papa, and showed him by the way of actions, when he came to the balcomy, I showed, what went down, then we both went down to get the blocks.
  • I still love to play with the balls of all sizes.
  • and I absolutely adore balloons.

I am attaching some pics for you to have an approximate idea how naughty I am these days.

022 after Dora style haircut…

029 soon after haircut…

032 getting ready for india trip



















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