Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Day @ Preschool

So my first day at the Kindercare Learning Center was quite exciting.

Both for me and mommy.

It started like this...

I woke up a little late then usual that day. And as you all know, my mommy is a little paranoid about my eating habits, I don’t blame her but she is a little over the edge. Anyway enough about her, this blog is about me and not her. :D

So I got up at around 9a and then was forced to eat the breakfast. Even though I was full with the full bottle of milk just couple of hours ago. But who can get off with mommy. So I had that, and then mommy dressed me up in my colorful red skirt and a t-shirt. As we were heading out, papa came from office, specially to see me off on my first day. I think he wanted to make sure that mom do not fall down. He knew I will be fine.

So we met with hugs and kisses and then we reached the Kindercare. My full day in totally new environment. We reached there and I immediately got excited as I saw so many toys and balls (my hot favorite) Mom and dad were talking with the teachers / day care specialists. And suddenly dead escaped. I was still fine until mom decided to sneak out. And I was totally alone in this world with so many people around me. But this is life and I have to move on with people or without them...yeah yeah yeah...a philosophy....

So when they left I was crying like anything, and looking at the teacher with some hope that she will console me but to my amazement she was not even bothered, as opposed to the behavior I am totally aware of. Mom was peeping from outside the glass door. Crying silently, with tears rolling down her tears and dad was in his mind. Trying to console mom. I was still looking at the teacher. Ultimately I gave up. I started playing with other kids. They all welcomed me to the class and did a welcome dance, well not really. But we did make the kitchen apron. With different colors and shapes. It was a hot summer day so we went out to play, though only for some time.

In the lunch time I just had the yoghurt and no milk. In the evening I took 1.5 hours of regular nap.

In the evening Mom Dad came to pick me up and I started crying seeing them. I was only crying falsely just to tell them how much I missed them. And then after a second I ran towards them and hugged papa so tight that he was almost chocking. But I was not ready to leave any of them.  I missed you papa-mommy, how much, words can’t express.

So we went out laughing dancing jumping to the car. And mom suddenly remembered something and we all went inside again and I thought, they want to leave me again, and hence started crying again. But then i was immediately picked up in dad's arms and made sure, I am not going anywhere. Love you dadda.

So that’s the moment by moment description of my first day at the day(care) school.

Let me know if you find it a little emotional. I will email know i am in gadgets totally. Btw, I have lost the iPod touch, therefore the FB updates are not happening. Waiting for the iPad 3 for Mom, then it would be mine. shhhhhhh don’t tell that to Mommy....

Bye for now...adios...