Monday, January 14, 2013

Fwd: Kaavya and her sweet little talk

Introduction of characters:
Rajvir - her class mate and her best buddy.
Kaavya has 18 classmates, but she plays with only Raj and two more kids.

So yesteday, when we came from Jersey, we found a b'day invite of Rajvir's b'day. I told Kaavya while brushing her teeth that its his b'day, you should wish him.
2nd thing, Kaavya said, was - "Papa, can I wear a pretty dress on Rajvir's b'day?"
I asked - "Why Kaavya?"
She replied - "I want to show it to him!!!"

I couldn't help smiling and told her yes she can wear a new dress.
Manu said - Poot ke lakhana, dikh rahey hain...
Ruby Didi said, Ladki to gayi haath se....

Another story.
In the car, while dropping Kaavya to school, Manu asked her - 
"Kaavya, do you want to go to Raj's house to play?"
"Yes Mumma"
"But I wont stay there. Can you play alone with him?"
"Yes Mumma, I am a big girl now"
"But Mumma, would Raj's mommy would open the door?"
"Okay, can you stay there for 2 minutes when she opens the door, and then when Raj comes, then you can go."

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