Sunday, November 6, 2016 I am 9 months old today

For the record - vital stats first!!!
Height is 30.5 cms and I fall in 79 percentile and my weight is 20 pounds which is among the 75 percentile.

My schedule, I am with my baby sitter for past few months. SO my day starts at 9a, when she is about to arrive. I generally help mom while she cooks, I play with the peels of the vegetables which she cooks and also the utensils.

I love to be in the kitchen when somebody is there, as I simply cant miss the charm of the dustbin, the doormat, the door stopper and lastly the shoes.

So this much while she arrives. First thing she does is feed me with cereal. And then bath me and clean off the mess I created when I eat (picture).

After taking shower she dresses me and soon after I drink milk, I sleep, for good 2 hours. When I wake up, its the time for some fruit pulp, generally Apple (appy), Banana(bana) recently I started with plum.

After eating this I play around and watch some boring but colorful DVD from Baby Einstein, by the time all this happen its time for dadda to come home, and then we leave to drop the baby sitter aunty to train station.

While in the car, I sleep, most of the time and then I stay in the car seat till the time I am up again. This time when I wake up, mommy is back home from work too. and I play with her and dadda, while she is preparing her meal. After the meal they play with me, I play with dadda, the pakko (kaavya ko pakdo, catch me)game, in which both of us crawl and dadda tries to catch me. and then I try to cath him. turn by turn. Lately I have also started playing soccer with him. I like kicking the ball a lot. In fact last time when I was trying to kick a ball I was standing with the support of the table with one hand, and I almost fall. But managed to hold the table again.
So by 10.30p my battery is down and after taking the last meal as milk, I sleep for next 8-10 hrs.

Now some of the activities I have started. I -
• stand with the support.
• climb up the bed.
• climb down the bed.
• walk along the bed and all the furniture in the house.
• crawl faster then I used to.
• talk with tata, mama and papa language.
• reciprocate very well.
• play throw ball.
• play with the trash.
• eat/chew slippers/shoes.
• play with the CDs and DVDs by dropping off the entertainment table.
• love the laptop and want all the keys of it out in my hands.
• so much love the laptop, that if its not open I stand and sit on it.
• love dadda's ipod touch, and want to get hold of it. (don’t tell anyone, but he has already replaced it under manufacturer's warranty)
• pick up small toys and eat(lick) them.
• am done with the milk or food, I shake my hand and head to say no, I don't want it anymore.
• love playing peek-a-boo, even with any xyz banda....the other day I was at the Comcast service center, and this lady started playing with me and I started enjoying...

Well enough of my babblings... pictures would follow...

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